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Reasons to Choose Our Professional Carpet Cleaning

Are you in search of a company that delivers green carpet cleaning in Richardson, Texas? ekoserve of Richardson is your answer! We are a locally owned and operated company that provides services like rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, sealing, carpet stretching & repair, and carpet cleaning in Richardson, Texas

Pet Odor Specialist – Pet Odor Removal

We have created a special line of cleaning solutions for your favorite pet. Our odor neutralizing system attacks the bacteria and odor causing agents to neutralize and eliminate to cause of the smell.

1 Hour Dry Time – 95% Less Moisture

Our process allows your carpet to dry much more quickly because we use 95% less moisture than traditional methods, which also helps to prevent stains from coming back. While our competitors’ methods can leave your carpet wet for days, our method will allow your carpet to dry in just one hour. Quick dry time carpet cleaning in Richardson, TX.

No Bait & Switch – No Pricing Games

We don’t believe in the old “bait and switch” tactics that some of our competitors use. The price we quote you is the price you pay. Don’t be fooled by our competitor’s pricing games and inferior cleaning methods. We have great prices on carpet cleaning in Richardson, Texas

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are a locally owned and operated company that focuses on the customer. We deliver the best carpet cleaning results in Richardson, TX. All services and products are backed by a Satisfaction Guarantee.

Honest Locally Owned & Operated

We have been providing quality Carpet Cleaning Service in Richardson for years. Locally owned and operated, we are your trusted partner for carpet cleaning in Richardson, TX.

Same Day Service – Carpet Cleaning in Richardson, TX

Don’t hesitate; we are waiting to hear from you. The sooner you call, the sooner we can have your carpet cleaning appointment scheduled.


Cleaning Services in Richardson, Texas


Our Powerful 4 Step Cleaning Process

Our unique Green carpet cleaning process will give you great looking carpet every time without any of the shortcomings of traditional carpet cleaning methods.


In this process our powerful solutions bind with dirt particles at a molecular level in a process called encapsulation. Our solutions will them begin to breakdown the dirt and in many cases after we spray our cleaning solution over dirt or a stain, the stain will disappear.


Our powerful machinery has a high pressure extraction system to remove all of the dirt and debris deep in your carpet.


The powerful carpet cleaning machines we use have a unique brush agitation system that will remove dirt and debris at the very bottom of the carpet. This bottom up agitation is the most effective process to thoroughly clean your carpet fibers.


Our EPA rated cleaning machines use a powerful HEPA filtration system that purifies the carpet fibers reducing Dust Mite Allergens by 75%, Pet Dander by 78%, Cat Allergens by 85%, Dust Mites by 78%, and Mold Spores by 85%. Many of our customers say they feel like they can breathe easier after we clean their carpets.

Why is Green and Non-Toxic Carpet Cleaning Important?

Chemical products may contain optical brighteners or have a high alkaline or acid pH that can damage your carpet over time. Using chemical treatments would be a hazard to your health. The mild organic cleaning products on the other hand, treat carpets and provide deep dirt removal, pet odor removal, spot removal, carpet purification and deodorization without damaging the material. Not only will the carpet be clean and safe but it would also look and feel brand new! 

Our specially formulated green cleaning solutions plus powerful equipment will get your carpet clean, remove tough stains and leave your carpet feeling soft to the touch. We are the leader in green carpet cleaning in Richardson, TX.

Why is Non-Toxic Carpet Cleaning Essential in Home and Offices?

Eco-friendly cleaning for carpets, upholstery and other items are extremely essential in both, commercial and residential units. Today, several branded eco-friendly cleaning products are available in the market. However, the major issue is to find the right service provider for non-toxic and PH neutral carpet cleaning in Richardson, Texas. Following are some basic reasons that outline the importance of eco-friendly cleaning technology and products. 

No Health Hazards

Most carpet cleaners use toxic chemicals which leaves behind hazardous fumes and residue on the carpet/upholstery and floor surfaces. These chemcials can seriously affect the health of your children and pets. It contains perchloroethylene, a popular dry cleaning chemical known to cause nausea, dizziness and fatigue. Some harsh chemicals can also cause cancer. We have designed a cleaning solution that is powerful and eco-friendly. Compared to the chemical solutions that can affect your respiratory system, our natural cleaning solution is safe for you and your pets. It has undergone thorough analysis and has been clinically proven as safe for your kids.

Regular Eco-friendly Carpet Cleaning is Important for Everyone

The carpets in homes and offices are always exposed to dust, crumbs and dirt making it harder to clean. At home, children and pets spend most of their time lying on the carpet exposing them to all that dirt and chemicals. It will rub on to your children’s skin or inhaled by your pets which would cause severe health issues. Using environmentally safe products and equipment’s for carpet cleaning would ensure safety.

Deeper Cleaning than Steam or Chemical Methods

With the use of our all natural cleaning solutions and new age equipment, we offer the best carpet cleaning service around. Our completely green solutions will amaze you with their ability to remove even the toughest stains while breaking down and emulsifying dirt deeper down than the competition. Click the link above to get a free carpet cleaning quote in Richardson, Texas.

Zero Residue Solutions – Dries Soft Not Hard or Crunchy

All of our solutions are completely green and non toxic, leaving your carpet smelling extremely fresh and feeling very soft to the touch. Since our specially formulated cleaning solutions are chemical free and non toxic, there is no residue left behind to make your carpet hard or crunchy. We offer zero residue carpet cleaning in Richardson, Texas.

Final Words of Advice

Before you make an arrangement with a cleaning company, you have to understand which cleaning process would be effective and safe for your home and family. Using natural substances are among the most popular options. It is good to know that cleaning companies do not have to use aggressive substances for getting the ultimate results. In other words, carpet cleaning can be eco-friendly and 100% safe for your beloved ones. Hence, the next time you need carpet cleaning in Richardson, always remember to call a service provider that uses non-toxic and PH neutral cleaning products. 

Our Methods

Our cleaning methods feature non-toxic solutions safe for kids and pets. We also have quick dry times that competitors lack. We don’t play pricing games. We will give you a real quote for carpet cleaning in Richardson. Just click the button below! We focus on getting customers for life through providing great results during your appointment and friendly customer service. Just look below to see real reviews from our customers in your area. There is also information about interesting jobs we have done. Click or call us today to see why ekoserve cleaning services & products are the most trusted for green carpet cleaning in Richardson, TX

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Cleaning Services in Richardson, Texas
Customer Reviews

Exceptional Service

July 4, 2014 by Margaret K

Area: Richardson, TX

Within hours after our 100 lb. Doberman had diarrhea all over our carpeted living room, Johnny and his crew had cleaned and treated the area. It looks like new carpeting and NO STAINS. NO SMELLS. I am so impressed with the quality products and exceptional service all with a smile at a reasonable price! I highly recommend EKOSERVE!!! Farewell to Stanley Cleaners. Their quote was 40% higher than EKOSERVE.

Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning

February 15, 2013 by Mark

Area: Richardson, TX

Amazing, I had my carpets and upholstery cleaned today and ēkoserve beat my expectations. Carpet dried in an hour, stains came out and the technician worked hard and was not a sales man. Great work ēkoserve I look forward to using more of your GREEN services.

No Job Too BIG or Small

Rug Cleaning Richardson, Texas

Rug Cleaning Richardson, Texas

Job Details:

Have you been considering a rug cleaning in Richardson, Texas? We can clean any area rug of any size in the comfort of your home or office without having to take it to a different location to clean! Call or make an appointment with us online today!

Carpet Cleaning North, Texas

Carpet Cleaning North, Texas

Job Details:

Even after trying household carpet cleaning supplies, it can still be difficult to remove red dyes from your carpet. Leave it to the professionals. No matter how bad the stain, we are the ones to call for Carpet cleaning in North Texas.

Stretching & Repair Richardson, Texas

Stretching & Repair Richardson, Texas

Job Details:

A large number of our clients are new home owners. When you move into a new home and install heavy furniture, it can cause wrinkles and ripples in the carpet. We can repair your carpet to its natural look. For stretching & repair in Richardson Texas, call us today.

Tile & Grout Cleaning Richardson, Texas

Tile & Trout Cleaning Richardson, Texas

Job Details:

Do you need tile & grout cleaning in Richardson, Texas? Deep cleaning techniques ensure not only the tile gets clean, but the grout as well. We can take care of all of your tile needs from bathrooms and kitchens, to large restaurants! No job is too big or small so give us a call today.

Carpet Cleaning Richardson, Texas

Carpet Cleaning Richardson, Texas

Job Details:

We were called out for a residential carpet cleaning in Richardson, Texas today. The customer was moving out of a rented unit and wanted to make sure they got their security deposit back. When we finished, they said it looked better than when they moved in!