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Reasons to Choose Our Professional Carpet Cleaning

Are you tired of looking through countless steam cleaners when you are really looking for carpet cleaning in Grand Prairie, TX? Traditional steam cleaners only push the dirt to the side, leaving you with dark edges near your baseboards. At ekoserve, we take the dirt with us, which is why we believe we are the best when it comes to carpet cleaning in Grand Prairie. Clean is more than a look or fresh smell. It means that the dirt and stains are gone for good.

Pet Odor Specialist – Pet Odor Removal

We know that accidents happen. Our odor neutralizing system fights off the odor and bacteria that cause the smell. Your odor neutralizing products can be purchased by clicking the ekoserve products link. Call us today for pricing and a more in depth conversation of your specific pet odor issues. We are your carpet cleaning pet odor specialist in Grand Prairie, TX.

1 Hour Dry Time – 95% Less Moisture

We use 95% less moisture than traditional cleaning methods, which allows for a quick dry time. Our low moisture cleaning system prevents stains from returning.

No Pricing Games

Many carpet cleaning companies in Grand Prairie, TX promote very low prices just to get you to book an appointment. When the technicians get there they say that the original price will not clean the area you have. At times the next price can be 3 or 4 times the original price. We offer honest low prices for carpet cleaning in Grand Prairie, TX click or call today!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

When you choose us for your Carpet Cleaning in Grand Prairie you can be sure you will get the best service. We want every customer to be a returning customer. We aim to give you the highest level of service and give you a satisfaction guarantee with all services.

Honest Locally Owned & Operated

We have been providing quality Carpet Cleaning Service in Grand Prairie, TX for years. Residentially and commercially, we have built a great name focusing on the customer and our products. Schedule an appointment or call us today to see why customers prefer us for their Carpet Cleaning in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Same Day Service – Carpet Cleaning in Grand Prairie, TX

Call us now! The sooner you call the quicker we can get to you.

Cleaning Services in Grand Prairie, Texas

Powerful 4 Step Cleaning Process

Our powerful natural carpet cleaning process provides unmatched results. We are the leader in green carpet cleaning in Grand Prairie, Texas.


We use our powerful solutions which break down dirt particles deep within the fibers. Our GREEN, ZERO Residue solutions encapsulate grime. Then our oxygenating solutions break down any dirt particles that are in your carpet.


Our machinery has a built in elevated pressure extractor that will permanently remove dirt and any cleaning solution remaining in the carpet. Unlike other cleaning companies, the stains will not return after cleaning. Best of all, it’s only a 1 hour dry time!


Our equipment and machines will then work out dirt, debris, and hair from the bottom of the carpet. This bottom up agitation is not found in any other cleaning methods. The brush agitation permits us to work out the toughest stains that sit at the bottom of your carpet.


The last step in our cleaning process is the HEPA purification. Our carpet cleaning machines are EPA Registered machines that reduce cat allergens by 85%, pet dander by 78% dust mites by 78%, dust mite allergens by 75%, and mold spores by 85%. So many of our returning customers say they can actually breathe better when we are finished.



Do You Have Questions About Carpet Cleaning?

Here at ekoserve, we have combined modern machinery, educated hardworking technicians, and the most effective GREEN solutions and products. We have developed our own line of Green Carpet Cleaning solutions that remove stains without heavy chemicals or detergents. Click the link above to schedule a carpet cleaning in Grand Prairie, TX.

Making solutions that are non-toxic and biodegradable is important to us. After we clean your carpet, they will be soft because we do not leave behind soap residue or use detergent based solutions like traditional cleaners. Zero residue carpet cleaning in Grand Prairie, Texas.

How Can Carpet Cleaning Reduce Your Health Costs?

Residual dirt creates fungus and bacteria, which are some of the most common sources of health problems. They can also lead to a bad smell and even allergy related issues. Even regular, conventional cleaning is not enough for removing all the dirt that gets hidden deep within the crevices. Carpets and upholstery can easily absorb dirt from animal fur, food crumbs, dust and many other bacteria-infested materials, which can harm your health.

By having our professional deep cleaning service done regularly, we can not only help you extend the life of your upholstery, but also bring about a better living environment. Restore your upholstery before it’s too late and bring back its natural beauty.

What is Eco-Friendly and Safe Carpet Cleaning?

We use eco-friendly cleaning solutions to ensure we take all necessary precautions. A number of cleaning products available in stores are toxic and dangerous. If the wrong cleaning solution is applied to a certain fabric, it can cause discoloring and tearing up your upholstery. Protect your furniture by using our professional upholstery cleaning service. We have experienced employees who have a deep understanding of how to clean each type of fabric.

Why Have Routine Carpet Cleaning?

The average period for having a carpet cleaned professionally is once per year. By having a carpet cleaned on a yearly or bi-yearly basis, it will actually be easier to maintain on a regular schedule by simply vacuuming weekly. Professional carpet cleaning is essential because of the particles that cannot be removed by an ordinary vacuum machine and standard home cleaning products. More importantly, a regular professional carpet cleaning routine will make home care much more effective.

We are a trusted and respected carpet cleaning company. We use a revolutionary hybrid cleaning system that uses 95% less water than traditional steam cleaning systems so the carpet dries quickly not hours and days like steam cleaning. We also use nontoxic and residue free solutions unlike chemical cleaning systems. When choosing a carpet cleaning company, keep in mind that working with a quality service will ensure that the right type of cleaning gets done.

The Importance of Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Our carpet cleaning services will remove grease, soil and difficult-to-remove substances. Vacuum will remove some amount of dried dirt, but it’s not the same as a carpet that gets cleaned on a regular basis. Keep your carpet looking new for years by having periodic, professional carpet cleaning done. While there are many things homeowners can do on their own, there are times when professional carpet cleaning services are required.

Deeper Cleaning than Steam or Chemical Method

Our specially formulated solutions start the process by breaking down dirt particles and tough stains. Our superior equipment also provides extracting of mold spores, mildew, allergens, dust mites, and pet dander in the carpet fibers. Call us for the best carpet cleaning in Grand Prairie, TX.

If you are looking for the best quality carpet cleaning in Grand Prairie, Texas, at an affordable price, choose ekoserve. We also offer carpet repair & cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and rug cleaning. We will be happy to show you why we are different from the rest. Get a free quote and schedule online for all of our services, or call us today!

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Cleaning Services in Grand Prairie, Texas
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No Job Too BIG or Small

Tile & Grout Cleaning Grand Prairie, Texas

Tile & Grout Cleaning Grand Prairie, Texas

Job Details:

Are you having trouble find the best tile & grout cleaning in Grand Prairie, Texas for your home or office. No job is too big or too small for ekoserve. Whether it’s a small kitchen, or an entire office building, we get the job done!

High Traffic Stains Removed

High Traffic Stains Removed

Job Details:

Did a carpet cleaning in Grand Prairie, TX today for a new client. The carpet had heavy wear marks in the high traffic areas. Our carpet cleaning process is better that our competitors in that we are able to bring life back to the carpet. Traditional carpet cleaners only spray and extractor water and solution on the carpet. Our process has powerful brushes that remove the dirt from the bottom of the carpet bringing new life to the fibers. If you need carpet cleaning in Grand Prairie, Texas call us today.