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Reasons to Choose Our Professional Carpet Cleaning

Are you in need of carpet cleaning in Frisco, Texas? There is only one trusted, locally owned and operated company offering eco-friendly, green carpet cleaning in Frisco, TX. ekoserve uses non-toxic solutions. It has been developed along with the latest technology, in order to provide you better results than traditional methods.

If you want carpet cleaning in Frisco that has a 1 hour dry time, no loud trucks or hoses going through your house, 95% less water and a reduction of Dust Mites by 78%, Dust Mite Allergens by 75%, Cat Allergens by 85%, Mold Spore by 85% and Pet Dander by 78% then ekoserve is your company.

Pet Odor Specialist – Pet Odor Removal

We have developed a revolutionary product in odor removal. Our natural odor removal product is the most effective solution in removing urine, pet odors, smoke and many other odor issues. We have created a pet odor removal system that combines our natural odor neutralizing solutions and our powerful equipment to remove your pet and other odor issues. Schedule an appointment and see why we are the carpet cleaning pet odor specialist.

1 Hour Dry Time – Quick Dry Time

With our carpet cleaning method you don’t have to worry about having wet carpets for days. Our low moisture system uses 95% less moisture than traditional carpet cleaners. This lower moisture system is not only better for the environment but eliminates the return of stains and the musty smell that occurs when your carpet takes a long time to dry.

No Bait & Switch – No Pricing Games

You will often see carpet cleaning companies in Frisco advertise a very low cleaning prices only to find out the price is much higher when the technician arrives at your home. At ekoserve we do not play these games we offer you honest and great pricing you can even get a free quote right on our site just click the free quote button above.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

All of our services are backed up by our satisfaction guarantee. It is our goal to deliver you the best carpet cleaning in Frisco.

Honest Locally Owned & Operated

We have been providing quality Carpet Cleaning Service in Frisco for years. Locally owned and operated, we are your trusted partner for carpet cleaning in Frisco, TX.

Same Day Service Carpet Cleaning in Frisco Texas

The sooner you call the faster we can have your carpet cleaning appointment scheduled in Frisco TX. Call us NOW! We can usually work in a same day appointment.

Cleaning Services in Frisco, Texas

Our Powerful 4 Step Cleaning Process

The ekoserve carpet cleaning process is a 4 step cleaning method that will restore your carpet and bring it back to life. Our green cleaning process removes the deep down dirt in the carpet fibers.


Our green commercial strength solutions attack dirt at a molecular level. During the treatment process our solutions encapsulate dirt particles and then break them down through a powerful oxidizing process.


For this step our powerful cleaning machines will extract any unwanted particles and remaining cleaning solution which enables our low moisture cleaning process to have a 1 Hour Dry Time.


Our powerful highly rated cleaning machines pulls dirt up from the deepest part of your carpet fiber giving you great looking carpet every time.


One major difference between our carpet cleaning process and others is that we purify your carpet fibers after cleaning. Our EPA rated machines reduce Mold Spores by 85%, Pet Dander by 78%, Dust Mite Allergens by 75%, Cat Allergens by 85%, and Dust Mites by 78%.

Do You Have Questions About Carpet Cleaning?

We are a carpet cleaning company “ekoserve” in Frisco, TX. We are offering high-quality green carpet cleaning services. With the help of the proven technology and experience, our specialists efficiently cope with different types of soiling of any carpet surfaces. There are stains such as chemical burns, which cannot be removed even with the help of professional tools. Our cleaning specialists in Frisco, TX will consult you and do everything they can to deliver back the cleanest possible carpet. Moreover, ekoserve uses only eco-friendly cleaning products. You can be 100% sure that after we are done cleaning your carpet, the carpet gets restored to its original condition and also absolutely safe for you, your children and pets.

Why is Our Cleaning Solution Better than Chemical Cleaning?

Our carpet cleaners have designed a cleaning solution that is effective and eco-friendly. Compared to the chemical solutions that can affect your health, our eco-friendly cleaning solution is safe for you and your pets. It has undergone thorough analysis and has been clinically proven as safe for your kids.

Routine Carpet Cleaning

Whether your carpet needs to be cleaned or not, think first about the natural necessity to have a water filter or air filter at home. Living in the city, we have to clean everything on a regular basis, and your carpets are not an exception since we unknowingly raise and spread the dust and dirt by stepping on the carpets. According to many reports, the dust contains organic and inorganic fibers, wool, hair, plant pollen, dead skin cells, and dust mites – a variety of which has already reached fifty species, which we bring in along with us from the street or they fly in from the window and ventilation. So, it is wise to always have a routine clean up.

Why is Green and Non-Toxic Carpet Cleaning Important?

We are a green carpet cleaning company serving Frisco TX and the DFW metroplex. Our proven carpet cleaning solutions we developed will make your carpet look better than any other treatment. Our carpet cleaning process also eliminates the short comings of other methods like long dry times, detergents that leave residues, toxins or returning stains. We are your trusted company for green carpet cleaning in Frisco, TX.

Why Use an Environmentally Friendly Treatment Process?

Our green carpet cleaning process is more effective than both steam and chemical cleaning methods. Our solutions break down dirt particles and our brush agitation system reaches deeper into the carpet fibers than any other process.

By using eco-friendly professional technology, ekoserve cares not only about the carpets, but also about your health and the health of people who are close to you. We guarantee the absence of harmful chemicals and fumes both in the structure and on the surface of the carpet fibers.

Deepest Cleaning Process in the Market

We have the most effective carpet cleaning in Frisco, TX. Combining our own line of specially formulated carpet cleaning solutions and the most effective cleaning machines, we can give you the best cleaning results without chemicals or long dry times.

Dries Soft Not Hard – Zero Residue Carpet Cleaning

At ekoserve our solutions are 100% green and non toxic. Our solutions are made from natural compounds that leave no residues after cleaning. Traditional carpet cleaners use detergent base chemicals that can leave your carpets feeling hard or crunchy.

ekoserve offers many green cleaning services like tile & grout cleaning and sealing, upholstery cleaning, carpet stretching, plus repair, oriental rug cleaning, and professional carpet cleaning in Frisco, Texas. Check out some reviews from your neighbors below, and get a free online quote. Let ekoserve of Frisco, TX earn your business.

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Cleaning Services in Frisco, Texas
Customer Reviews

Amazing Service!

April 23, 2015 by Swati H

Area: Frisco, Texas

We got referred to Ekoserve by our realtor. Nick was super professional friendly, and did an awesome job making our carpets look as good as new! I appreciated that he was able to change his schedule a bit to accommodate my short time frame since we are putting our house up on the market next week. The pricing is also very reasonable. Thanks Ekoserve!


June 17, 2014 by Toni

Area: Frisco, TX

I thought customer service was dead, but Johnny changed my mind... at least with rugs! I was stunned he would give up part of his Sunday to help me out. The rugs he cleaned (4 of them) looked new afterward, which I thought was impossible, especially with eco-friendly products. He spent quality time on them and the smell was pleasant and didn't annoy me or my dog at all. He instructed me on their products and took his time to make sure I understood how to use them properly (pretty easy). He actually cared about my rugs as much as I did. There's no comparison between this and simple steam cleaning. I'll definitely call again and refer him and Ekoserve.

Great Service!

July 1, 2013 by Lauri F

Area: Frisco, TX

We could not have been happier with the service of ekoserve! Nick and his crew stayed at our house until 8 pm making sure the job was done right. Our carpets were stretched and cleaned and look great! Would recommend ekoserve anytime!

Best service experience

April 20, 2013 by Karen

Area: Frisco, Texas

The services performed by ekoserve were top-notch! My carpets look fresher and cleaner than ever, and I have confidence they will impress prospective buyers as we show our house to sell. Nick was very personable and worked persistently to get the job done in a reasonable amount of time. His work ethic cannot be matched by any other. This was one of the best service experiences we have ever had!

No Job Too BIG or Small

Carpet Cleaning Frisco, Texas

Carpet Cleaning Frisco, Texas

Job Details:

ekoserve is the #1 choice when it comes to carpet cleaning in Frisco, Texas. We use a variety of different techniques that will leave your carpet cleaner and also looking newer than before. You can call or book a customized appointment online.

Upholstery Cleaning Frisco, Texas

Upholstery Cleaning Frisco, Texas

Job Details:

Chairs and cushions can start to look faded after years of wear and tear. More often than not, we are able to bring back the rich colors to your furniture. If you are looking for the best upholstery cleaning in Frisco, Texas, give ekoserve a call.

Ceramic Tile & Grout Cleaning

Ceramic Tile & Grout Cleaning

Job Details:

Today, I did a carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning in Frisco, Texas. The customer lived in the Shaddock Creek Estates in West Frisco. The tile and grout in the kitchen had not been cleaned in over 10 years. We use powerful brush agitation equipment and our ekoserve cleaning solutions to remove the deep down dirt and grime. Our tile and grout cleaning system will bring back the color to the tile and grout. Most customers after cleaning are surprised their tile was so dirty because it brightens up so much after cleaning. Call us today for tile and grout cleaning, carpet cleaning in Frisco, TX.