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Reasons to Choose Our Professional Carpet Cleaning

ekoserve provides green carpet cleaning in Dallas, Texas. We believe in a clean and chemical free living and working environment. By combining years of industry experience and knowledge, we have developed new and innovative cleaning methods and solutions that deliver unmatched results.


Pet Odor Specialist – Pet Odor Removal

We have created a special line of cleaning solutions for your pet accidents. Our odor neutralizing system attacks the bacteria and odor causing agents to neutralize and eliminate the cause of the smell.

1 Hour Dry Time – 95% Less Moisture

1 Hour Dry Time carpet cleaning in Dallas, Texas. Our carpet cleaning process uses 95% less moisture than traditional cleaning methods, allowing for a much quicker dry time. Our method takes only an hour to dry while traditional methods can take days.

No Bait & Switch – No Pricing Games

Many carpet cleaning companies in Dallas, TX advertise very low prices just to get you to book an appointment. When the technician arrives, they say the price you received is not valid. We offer honest pricing focused on quality carpet cleaning.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

When you choose us for your Carpet Cleaning in Dallas, TX you can be sure you will get the best service satisfaction guaranteed. Click the link below to get a free & honest quote for carpet cleaning in Dallas, TX.

Honest Locally Owned & Operated

We have been providing quality Carpet Cleaning Service in Dallas for years. Locally owned and operated, we are your trusted partner for carpet cleaning in Dallas, TX.

Same Day Service – Carpet Cleaning in Dallas, TX

Call now for carpet cleaning service in Dallas, Texas. The sooner you call us to book your Carpet Cleaning, the sooner we can get to you.


Cleaning Services in Dallas, Texas


Our Powerful 4 Step Cleaning Process

Our powerful Natural carpet cleaning process provides unmatched results without any of the negatives of traditional carpet cleaning. We have the most effective carpet cleaning process in Dallas, TX.


In this step we use our powerful solutions which bind with and break down dirt particles. Our green cleaning solutions attack dirt, and then our oxygenating solutions break down the dirt particles.


Our machinery has a built in high pressure extractor that removes all of the particles pulled up from your carpet. This extraction process is critical in our 1 HOUR DRY TIME and this short dry time prevents stains from returning.


Our powerful cleaning machines have 2 counter rotating brushes that work out dirt, debris and hair from the bottom of the carpet. This bottom up agitation is extremely effective in working out the toughest stains and deeply cleaning all the fibers thoroughly.


The final step in our cleaning process is the HEPA purification. Our carpet cleaning machines are EPA registered machines reducing Dust Mites by 78%, Dust Mite Allergens by 75%, Cat Allergens by 85%, Pet Dander by 78% and Mold Spores by 85%. Many of our customers say they can breathe easier after we clean their carpets.



Do You Have Questions About Carpet Cleaning?

How often should you clean your carpet? In case your carpet is looking dingy, it is definitely time for you to hire a professional carpet cleaner. The services that we provide are unique and effective. We have created and designed a principle to address the shortcomings and problems of other providers offering similar services.


Some of the complaints that we often hear from customers who acquire the services of other companies are that their carpet remains wet for a few days after cleaning. Customers often claim that the chemical cleaning solutions used by the other companies are too strong and that the scent of the chemical emanates all over the house. With our service, we are highly dedicated to ensuring our customer’s satisfaction.

Why is Our Cleaning Solution Better than Chemical Cleaning?

Steam Cleaning will surely leave your carpet wet for days. It is crucial for you to keep your carpet dry after the cleaning process or else it will start to accumulate dirt again. Detergent and soap can also attract dirt while your carpet is in the drying process. You should also know that a wet carpet is also a favorite thriving ground for molds With Chemical Cleaning, they only tend to disinfect the carpet while failing to remove debris and the dust. With the revolutionary cleaning method from our expert carpet cleaners, we can offer you a service that is totally detergent-free. How do we do it?


Our carpet cleaners have designed a cleaning solution that is powerful and eco-friendly. Compared to the chemical solutions that can affect your respiratory system, our natural cleaning solution is safe for you and your pets. It has undergone thorough analysis and has been clinically proven as safe for your kids. It is also designed to stay away from the common problems that are presented by the traditional carpet cleaning.

Why is Green and Non-Toxic Carpeting Cleaning Important?

We provide the best in green carpet cleaning in Dallas, Texas. We have created our own line of Green carpet cleaning solutions safe for children & pets that will not only remove stains from your carpet, but will also leave you with soft clean carpet that has no chemicals.


How Detailed is Our Treatment Process?

Our carpet cleaners in Dallas, TX have a very detailed cleaning process that will satisfy every customer. First, we start with the treatment process where the whole area will be treated by utilizing our oxidizing solution that does not leave any form of residue. It has the strength to break down all the dirt particles which will make it easier to remove the dirt. The beauty of our oxidizing solution is that it utilizes less than 95% moisture to make sure that your carpet will easily dry.


The second phase of our Carpet Cleaning is the process of removing the debris and the dirt at the back of the carpet. Compared to the companies that provide a chemical solution, we ensure that we remove all debris from the top right down to the bottom of your carpet. We extract all the debris and the dirt and finally sanitize it using our state-of-the-art cleaning equipment.

Call us and we will provide you referrals so you can ask our past customers about the quality of our carpet cleaning in Dallas, Texas.


Deepest Cleaning Process in the Market

We have the most effective carpet cleaning in Dallas, TX. Combining our own line of specially formulated carpet cleaning solutions and the most effective cleaning machines we can give you the best cleaning results without chemicals or long dry times.

Zero Residue Solutions – Dries Soft Not Hard or Crunchy

Most carpet cleaners in Dallas use detergent based solutions that will leave soap residue in your carpet. This residue makes your carpet feel hard or even crunchy after the carpet dries and acts like a magnet for new dirt.


We provide green cleaning services, like carpet cleaning, in Dallas, Texas. Carpet stretching and repair, upholstery cleaning, leather cleaning, rug cleaning, bed cleaning, and tile and grout cleaning. We are a locally owned and operated small business, dedicated to giving you great customer service and results. See real reviews from our local customers below, or ask for a free quote and schedule an appointment to see for yourself. Also, check out the “No Job too Big or Small” section for pictures and details about jobs we have done in your area, and don’t hesitate to call us for more information.


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Cleaning Services in Dallas, Texas
Customer Reviews

No More Pet Spots & Pet Odor

May 5, 2015 by Gretchen

Area: Dallas, TX

Thank you Nick, you did a great job. Putting my house on the market next week. Nick cleaned the carpets in my house. He removed all the stains from my cat and also made the house smell good again. Thanks again for the lovely carpet job and the good smelling home.

Carpet Cleaning

May 1, 2015 by Sara

Area: Dallas, Texas

I have used ēkoserve for all my carpet cleaning needs. It is very easy to schedule an appointment, their prices are great but most importantly their results are better than any other company I have ever used. Thank you for all you great work.

First time customer

April 22, 2015 by Todd H

Area: Dallas, TX

I haven't cleaned my carpets in 10 years and was embarrassed about the condition. Nick was friendly, prompt and made my carpets look new. I can't believe how good the carpets look. Thanks ekoserve!

Great Work

April 22, 2015 by Lisa

Area: Dallas, TX

Thanks ekoserve for the Great job once again!

Many Thanks

July 10, 2014 by Betty & Jim

Area: Dallas, TX

Nick - I can't tell you how wonderful it is to see clean carpet! What a beautiful job you did. Thank you very much.

Professional & Efficient!

June 23, 2014 by A.P.

Area: Dallas, TX

Nick was very quick to respond & answered all questions prior to booking appt. Excellent communication, honest, efficient. Very reasonable price. He even checked back later in the day & came back the next day to make sure rug dried properly. Will definitely Use again for future rug cleaning!


November 16, 2013 by Kelly

Area: Dallas, Texas

I'm really impressed with the customer service! I use the products everyday and they smell great. I will never use another company again.

best carpet cleaning around

April 11, 2013 by Sheila

Area: Dallas, Tx


No Job Too BIG or Small

High-Rise Loft Carpet Cleaning

High-Rise Loft Carpet Cleaning

Job Details:

No job to small cleaning a 1 Bedroom apartment here. One of the great things about our cleaning system is how portable it is. We are not tied to hoses and truck mounts like our competition. This apartment job was on the 4th floor. Most of our competition can not do a job like this but with our powerful portable system we can take care of any job. Do you manager or work for an apartment complex call us today. We will come out to your property and give you a custom pricing list. We can save you money, decrease your replacement rate and provide you a better service. See why we are the preferred vendor for many of the largest property management companies in country. We provide the best carpet cleaning in Uptown, Dallas, TX.

10 years of Dirt Gone

Spot Treatment For Carpet

Job Details:

Doing a job today for a new customer. The carpets in his home have not been cleaned for 10 years. In front of the customers favorite chair to watch TV was this terrible stains. After spot treatment and some work the area looked new. 10 Years of dirt and grime gone with ekoserve green cleaning solutions and our powerful system. Schedule online for carpet cleaning in Dallas, TX.

Retirement Center Carpet

Retirement Center Carpet Cleaning Job

Job Details:

Working tonight at a local retirement center cleaning carpet. This job required us to work in the early evening to fit the client and their residents schedules. We cleaned over 18,000 sq/ft in a very short time to meet time requirements. Call us today for your commercial carpet cleaning in Dallas, Texas.

Wine Stain Clean Up

Wine Spill Before & After Job

Job Details:

Had an emergency call from a customer this morning they had a party last night and one of the guest spilled wine all over the carpet. We scheduled a same day appointment and removed the red wine stain completely. Schedule an appointment today for green carpet cleaning in Dallas, TX.

Wingback Chair Cleaning

Wingback Chair Cleaning

Job Details:

Nick, here franchise owner for the Dallas location. Today, I cleaned some beautiful wingback chairs for a customer. The chairs had not been cleaned for 10 years and after a deep cleaning the color in the chairs came back and they looked new. The customer was very happy contact us to day for professional upholstery cleaning in Dallas, Tx.