A Pet Owner’s Guide to Long Lasting Carpets
12 February 2018 | (No Comments)

Nobody wants to sacrifice having pets for the sake of maintaining carpets for longer. You just need to take extra precautions to keep that carpet glistening. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your carpets and still hold on to your beloved pet:

Buy Pet-Friendly Carpets

Yes, there is such a thing as a pet-friendly carpet! Typically these are of a higher quality with built-in protective features like stain resistance and added durability. Having a good quality carpet to start with straightaway minimizes the damage that can be inflicted by pets and also the long-term costs associated with wear and tear.

Take care of Fido’s grooming…and the carpet

Keep your pets neat and tidy by ensuring they are groomed regularly.  Trim overgrown hair and nails. Nails are particularly damaging to carpet fiber. Clean your pets regularly. Clean ears, nose, and teeth. Also, make sure to vacuum your home at least twice a week. Make use of specialist vacuum cleaners available on the market to deal with pet fur and dander. Invest in a designated indoor carpet lined scratching post for your cats.

Use appropriate cleaning solutions to overcome the odors of pet boo-boos as these can be notoriously difficult to get rid of.  ekoserve’s natural odor neutralizer and spot remover are highly effective, chemical free and environmentally friendly solutions for carpet cleaning that are perfectly safe for your pets as well. Steam clean at least once a month to remove deeply embedded pet saliva, stray hairs or dander. Remember to use professional deep cleaning services at least twice a year or more.

Use Protection

Entryways should ideally be hard-floored with mats so that the dirt that comes off of pets when they enter the house does not get into your indoor carpeting. Also, think about hair brushing and toweling-off of paws and toes just after walks and outings.  Consider area rugs to protect large carpet surface areas, carpet runners and rug pads. Another neat tip: the busier the design of the rug material, the less likely there will be messes. Pets can be put off by unnatural looking surfaces. Cat litter mats help to contain messes and control odors, plus, are super easy to clean.

Keep an Eye Out for Hidden Accidents

Inspect the flooring daily to pick up and address accidents that may have happened. Train your pets, as far as possible, to use litter boxes whilst indoors. Use protective trays and liners until pets have been fully potty-trained. Also, consider the use of a black light flashlight whose UV rays highlight areas of pet urine when the room lights are off.  If all else fails, consider the usage of pet deterrent sprays whose smells are barely perceivable by humans but at the same time smell highly undesirable to pets.

Use these tips to help you bond deeper with your precious family pets, and keep them loved and happy whilst still maintain stunning looking carpets.

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