Professional Carpet Cleaning
The Science behind Professional Carpet Cleaning
11 December 2017 | (No Comments)

Carpets are one of the most costly investments in every household and require proper maintenance to maintain their value. Entry mats and regular vacuuming are great forms of keeping your carpet clean through preventative maintenance; however, if your carpet starts to look dirty, it needs thorough deep cleaning that only experts can deliver. Proper carpet cleaning involves several processes that require expertise, which is why it is not advisable to do DIY carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaning is hard work and a simple mistake can do a lot of damage to your carpet. For you to better understand the importance of professional carpet cleaning, here is the science that goes behind an effective carpet cleaning.

Dry Soil Removal

This process involves intensive vacuuming of carpets to remove dry soil or debris before applying carpet cleaners. This step aims to remove as much dry soil from your carpet as possible and should be effective in removing around 60% of dirt on your carpet. Intensive vacuuming also helps in separating the carpet fibers which helps the next steps in carpet cleaning to be more effective. Dry soil removal is crucial in carpet cleaning since experts deal with the small particles that have accumulated in your carpet, while vacuuming takes care of large debris on the surface of your carpet.

Soil Suspension

In this process, the dirt that is sitting at the bottom of your carpet is lifted for easy removal. Soil suspension includes four factors to be effective. These are time, agitation, cleaning products, and temperature.

  • Time is critical in soil suspension since cleaning products need a few minutes to break down and dissolve the soil on your carpet. If left for too long, the soil will only settle down to the bottom of your carpet, making this step useless. For this reason, proper timing is important to effectively lift the dirt from your carpet.
  • Agitation is another essential process in carpet cleaning. This step prevents soil from settling and helps in separating the carpet fibers so that cleaning products can effectively dissolve remaining particles in your carpet.
  • The choice of cleaning products used in carpet cleaning has a huge impact on the results of carpet cleaning. Green cleaning products are more advisable in cleaning carpets as it effectively dissolves the particles that have settled in your carpet without leaving harsh chemical residues. Natural cleaning products also help prolong the lifespan of your carpet since it cleans without damaging the fibers of your carpet.
  • High temperature from steam cleaners increases activities inside cleaning products, making the suspension process more effective in dissolving particles.


Once the cleaning process is completed, it is important to fully extract the cleaning agent and water from the carpet. Any residue that’s left on the carpet can attract dirt, which is why it is important to have professionals clean your carpet. Professional carpet cleaners use high-end tools to complete this process which guarantee your carpet is thoroughly cleaned.


Leaving your carpet to dry completely is important to finishing the cleaning process. A faster drying time is necessary to avoid mold formation. Modern green carpet cleaning only takes about an hour to fully dry your carpet which is why it is best to opt for this type of carpet cleaning.

Now that you have an idea of the science behind carpet cleaning, leave the carpet cleaning to the experts!

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