Carpets Cleaned Before Winter
Reasons to Have Your Carpets Cleaned Before Winter
30 October 2017 | (No Comments)

Autumn is here, and if you haven’t done your spring cleaning yet, now is the right time before winter arrives.  Having a clean home is one of the best feelings there can be.  Avoid procrastination because you owe it to yourself to have your space be clean and germ-free.

The last two seasons have probably brought plenty of pollen and dust into your home.  Carpets tend to accumulate most of the grime and dirt over time.  Thus, they often require the most cleaning. Your regular at-home cleaning gear cannot remove dust and germs that get inside the carpet – for that, you need specialized equipment, which is exactly where professionals come into the picture.

Be careful to not destroy your carpet before the holidays, when your house needs to be ready for guests.  Vacuuming is not enough to get rid of germs and dirt that have accumulated deep within the fabric of the carpet.  If you try to do regular cleaning with harsh tools and chemicals, they will diminish the life of the carpet.

Winter brings a lot of festivities with it and no time for doing a thorough cleaning.  That makes this season the perfect time to begin having a clean home. Here are 5 reasons to get your carpet cleaned before winter:

  1. Extended life

Cleaning the carpet regularly is a good habit, but before winter hits hard, it is better to seek professional help while there’s still time. Chemicals and DIY solutions that we use at home can be more detrimental than helpful for your rugs and carpets.  It’s also common to have a lot more night-ins during winter.  Having a cleaned carpet ready without the fear of germs and dirt will be a big plus.

  1. Summer Dirt

If there isn’t already a term for dirt that enters our homes during summer, then there should be one. Visits to the pool, beach and the outdoors in general lead dirt, sand, and germs right back into our homes. After a while, they start to make our carpets a breeding ground for germs. It is almost impossible to thoroughly clean carpets by using at-home methods.  Your best bet is to call the professionals and let them work their magic.

  1. Clean atmosphere

Winter is known to bring the flu and other infections with it. Carpets, if not thoroughly cleaned, can aid the growth of infectious germs and cause illnesses. Better to clean them out before that happens!

  1. Dry faster

Yes, this may be hard to believe but carpets, rugs, and curtains dry faster in the colder months. This is due to the low levels of humidity. A faster drying time means less likelihood that dust comes back into the carpet.

  1. Professional availability

Avoid scheduling problems.  Most people are unaware of how beneficial carpet cleaning before winter can be.  More often than not, most will get their carpets cleaned before spring. Professional help is most likely to be available to schedule a visit to your house before the festive season begins.

Bottom Line

Clearing out pollutants and pollen that enter the house and accumulate in the carpet from summer and spring seasons is extremely necessary. During the winter, we are most likely to stay inside and keep our windows and doors shut due to snow or cold wind.  This traps all the germs from our summer adventures inside and creates an unhealthy environment.  Make this fall and winter a pleasant one by getting your house in order and carpets cleaned long before winter arrives.


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