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5 Things to Know before Opting for Professional Carpet Cleaning
14 August 2017 | (No Comments)

Thinking of having all your carpets cleaned? Well, calling in the professionals to do the job for you is certainly a less strenuous and cost-effective method than doing it yourself. However, before you hire a reputable carpet cleaning company, it is important to take care of a few things yourself. In light of this, mentioned below are the top 5 things you should consider before bringing in the cleaning cavalry:

1. Vacuum High-Traffic Areas

It may sound a little weird to vacuum your carpet just before the professionals come to do the same thing; however, doing so will help you clean up items off the floor and save time later on.  Professional cleaners will come to get the nastiest, most stubborn stains that are impossible to take out using conventional cleaning methods. Therefore, save them some time and lightly vacuum your carpet to get rid of all that accumulated surface dirt and dust so that the cleaners can immediately start deep cleaning everything.

2. Remove Fragile and Small Items

It is your responsibility to ensure these professionals operate comfortably without having to constantly worry about breaking something. Therefore, before they arrive, try to remove small decorative items, delicate furniture and things of that sort. You can’t expect them to re-arrange things in the house for you.

Professional cleaners will definitely help you move all your heavy furniture and other bulkier items for an efficient and effective deep carpet cleaning and stain removal process. But first, find out whether or not moving a particularly heavy item will be added as an extra service.

3. Take Care of Your Children and Pets

Carpet cleaning professionals are quite particular about leaving your pets around while they clean your place. You have to understand that they will constantly be moving in and out of your house. They cannot be responsible in case your cat or dog spontaneously runs out of the house.

Try to keep your pets in gated enclosures so that they don’t intervene. The same goes for your kids. If they are really small, take them to another room.

4. Specify Problem Areas

Don’t hesitate to tell the professional cleaners about hidden stains, contaminated areas, urine spots, and other concerns. In addition, clarify your expectations regarding the deep cleaning techniques they incorporate. They will be using a variety of cleaning solution; therefore, if you have delicate or expensive carpeting, let them know so that they can come prepared.

If your carpet needs cleaning in a specified manner, discuss it with the professionals. Never hesitate to ask relevant questions. As a matter of fact, they will appreciate it. Always provide them a heads up when it comes to your specifications and requirements.

5. Provide them with Adequate Parking Space

Professional cleaners usually have to park close to the home entrance since they have all their equipment mounted on their vans/ trucks. It will be easier and efficient for them to quickly unload their equipment if it were nearby. Try moving your car in the garage or anywhere else on the street if it could get in the way.

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