Clean Housekeeping Day in and Day Out
Clean Housekeeping Day in and Day Out
30 June 2017 | (No Comments)

Clean Housekeeping Day in and Day Out

Once you have made the commitment to clean green and organic, it is just as important to establish a “clean as you go” schedule and maintain the healthy, eco-friendly environment you have created between professional cleaning appointments.

Keep in mind not all your family members, or coworkers may share the same definition of what constitutes clean.   However, everyone can appreciate an organized, uncluttered environment that makes living much more peaceful—and healthy!

Here are some things to consider for maintaining a clean home or office:

  • Clean as you go. If you take something out, put it back.  Make it a point to complete a task by returning used items to their proper place.
  • Be sure the environment is clean before you leave it. Before heading out, be sure any clutter is picked up and that your home, or office, is returned to the way you found it. (Think how good it feels not having to clean up after someone when you enter a room!)
  • Don’t put off cleaning tasks. Instead of letting clutter, dirt, and dust get out of control, address messes when you see them.
  • Get everyone involved. Kids and coworkers can be partners in helping to keep the environment clean.
  • Have a place for everything. Preventing clutter from accumulating helps you find something when you need it and saves valuable time.
  • Avoid wearing shoes in the home (of course, not always an option in some office environments).Shoes track mud, dirt, and lawn care chemicals from the outdoors in. Though clients and customers may not be asked to remove their shoes when entering a business, areas can be easier to keep clean by utilizing throw rugs in heavy traffic areas.
  • Keep cleaning supplies handy. Keep organic cleaning products, i.e., bathroom cleansers, counter cleaners, within easy reach for timely use.

Simple day-to-day maintenance extends the monthly eco-friendly services provided by a professional cleaning service. We owe it to ourselves, our families, our coworkers, and our environment to keep up the good work.

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