Could Your Current Carpet Cleaner be Staining Your Carpet?
16 August 2016 | (No Comments)

Between kids, animals, guests, and bad weather, carpet spot removers are an absolute necessity to make sure your carpets stay clean. A stained or uneven carpet color is a huge turn off for anyone living in or visiting your home. Makes no senseunfortunately, not all carpet cleaners work for all carpets, and while buying the supermarket chemical products might seem like a good idea, they could end up causing permanent embarrassment for you and costing you time and money.Using some supermarket chemical products can do permanent damage when the chemical is not designed for the stain or the carpet fabric. Not only can this make the color fade, but it could actually bleach the carpet, leaving an unsightly pale spot that is nearly impossible to repair. A spot remover that bleaches a carpet means the color can only be replaced with an expensive dye, and only by a perfect match.

Fading or bleaching color is not the only problem these products could cause. If a stain is driving you crazy, a product that isn’t carefully chosen or used by carpet cleaning services can actually cause the stain to set. This means that a chemical reaction is caused with the substance in the stain that helps it bond faster with the fabric of the carpet. Imagine the look of a red wine spill that has become a permanent part of your carpet. Imagine mud or clay that will never rub out because it fused with the fibers of your floor. Imagine dog droppings that will never go away. Your spot remover could not only be damaging your upholstery and carpets, but actually helping your stain stay longer.

If you’re fighting carpet and upholstery spots in Dallas, look no further. The best way to gain peace of mind is with a professional carpet cleaning service or a trusted, professional cleaning product. Between family, working outside,or kids playing anywhere, a major stain can surprise you anytime. You really need a carefully chosen product on hand at all times.

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