Clean Homes, Clean Minds
14 March 2016 | (No Comments)

According to a recent study published in Neuroscience Journal, your cluttered mind could be the result of your untidy house. The study further discusses that physical clutter in messy homes could lead you to think negatively, which then results in cluttered and unfocussed thoughts.

Furthermore, people who live in cluttered homes also depict a certain level of anxiety, helplessness, and are often overwhelmed.

In short, your home has a lot to do with the way you think. Such people are lured into thinking that their work is never done. Moreover, their mind starts producing excess stimuli which make their senses work overtime, causing them to focus on less important things.

To get you going, here are a few tips that could help you avoid mental clutter:

Start De-cluttering your home

Your dirty home is the reason why you feel mentally cluttered and overwhelmed. Start cleaning your wardrobes and cupboards and utilize boxes to keep clothes that you don’t often wear.

Maintain a separate section of your cupboard to keep your discarded clothes and give them to charity at the end of the month. Once you are done with your room, it is time to clean your carpet and furniture. Carpet cleaning is not easy; therefore, leave it for a cleaning service. Choose a reputable carpet cleaning service.

Cleaning boosts your mental health

Cleaning not only keeps your home tidy; it also improves the health of your mind. A study has it that cleaning your home for at least 20 minutes each day can reduce depression. However, these 20 minutes of cleaning requires you a thorough cleaning spree, not just light dusting.

Cleaning removes allergies

It is a fact that cleaning your home could protect you from various types of allergies. The air inside your home could get polluted overtime. This air could consist of harmful agents such as chemicals, toxins, dander and even mites. These could lead to symptoms such as swollen eyes, runny nose, among others.

Cleaning your house regularly will give you better air to breathe and a better place to live. However, excessive cleaning of your house many times each day may tire you a little. Cleaning it for 20 minutes each day is enough.

Out of all your cleaning needs, it is your carpet that requires a specialist cleaner. If you reside in Keller, you now have a reputable carpet cleaning service in Keller Texas such as ekoserve in your area.

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