Keeping Clean in a Pet-Friendly Home
10 March 2016 | (No Comments)

dogWe all love our pets. But we hate the mess they make. For many, it seems that pets somehow know exactly when you’ve just cleaned your whole house. And whether it’s a dog, a cat or a rabbit, they may end up ruining your perfectly clean floors as soon as your back is turned.

Your home needs to be as clean, but it also needs to be friendly for you, as well as your adorable pet.

But how can you do so? For that, ekoserve is here to help with some very nifty tips!

Pet Tips for a Clean Home

Train them to clean their Feet

Keep a small towel near your door, and every time your pet comes home from a rendezvous, clean their paws thoroughly. Now, although they may not like it at first, doing it repeatedly will train them that they are to wipe their paws off a matt every time they enter the home. This way, you will be able to prevent any stains or dirt from becoming embedded in the carpet.

puppiesUse a Proper Carpet Cleaner

One of the reasons why our cleaning supplies are so popular is because they are also pet-friendly. Most carpet or floor cleaners come with their share of chemicals that can be very harmful for your health as well as that of your pets. But with proper green cleaning supplies, you can ensure the longevity of your carpets, while keeping your pet safe.

Choose Smaller Carpets or Area Rugs

Having area rugs or runners in the house is the best way to beautify your home while having pets in the house. This way, your actual floors are protected from any pet-related accidents that might occur, since you can either replace or simply clean the carpets that are ruined.

Rent Some Carpet Cleaners

Steam cleaners or carpet shampooers and other carpet cleaning supplies can be rented for duration of 24-48 hours if you wish to clean your carpets yourself. However, this should only be done by those who have a proper education about handling said equipment. Also, renting cleaning equipment can turn out to be expensive since you will have to cover all the rooms.

Hire Professional Cleaners

A professional carpet cleaning service is your best bet if you want to increase the life of your carpet. Although you may know what you are doing, experimenting with equipment or chemicals to clean your carpets might create a lot of problems.

A professional carpet cleaning service will have access to pet-friendly cleaning supplies as well as equipment and will be able to correctly perform the cleaning of your carpet.

Are you searching for a carpet cleaning service in Coppell, Texas? Go ahead and contact us at ekoserve, and benefit from your high quality cleaning services.

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