Ways to enhance the life of your carpet
7 January 2016 | (No Comments)

Worn out carpet floors give off a shabby look no matter how well the rest of your home looks. For most of us, replacing an expensive carpet is not a small financial undertaking either. This means it is in your best interests to make your carpets last as long as possible.

According to professional carpet suppliers, the approaches you use to care for your carpets help determine the frequency with which they will need replacement. The following tips can help you extend the life of your carpets by years:


Invest In a Good Vacuum

The small grit in your carpet can cause the carpet pile and backing to age at a faster rate and this might also lead to tearing. Unfortunately, not all vacuum cleaners are made equal. Although the best ones are a bit expensive, they are strong enough to suck out the smallest particles of debris nestled deep in the tufts of the carpet.

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Invest In Carpet Padding

Added to making your carpets more comfortable to walk on, extra padding can help absorb some of the abuse to which your carpeting is subjected. Without any padding, your carpet is forced to withstand the pressure of daily use and it also cuts its life short.

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Have a No-Shoe Policy

While it is more than just a norm for most cultures, not wearing shoes on carpets helps protect them from debris, dust and oil particles. Even when your shoes might seem clean, avoid wearing them on your carpet.



Only Choose Green Carpet Cleaning

While most of us are aware that traditional carpet cleaning involves using harsh cleaning agents that end up destroying carpet fabrics, green cleaning uses all organic ingredients. This ensures a softer wash and the least effect on the carpet structure. Simultaneously, green cleaning is better at removing all sorts of stains and allergens from your carpet. If you are looking for green carpet cleaning in Keller Texas, we advise you to get in touch with us today.

These are just a few tips you can use to extend the life of your carpets by years. The best approach is to have them cleaned by professionals who use green cleaning methods. For green carpet cleaning in Keller, Texas, call us at (888) 485-8048 for more information.

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