Homemade Carpet Cleaning Products for Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services
3 June 2015 | (No Comments)

Do you know that your household cleaning products were held responsible for 10% environmental or in-house toxin exposure in 2000? Fast forward 15 years into the future, and the situation hasn’t improved. There are numerous highly toxic chemicals lurking in your cleaning products including Phthalates, PERS, QUATS, 2-butoxyethanol, ammonia, chlorine, and hydroxide etc. Fragrance, DEA and TEA are minor toxins with adverse and acute health effects resulting in chronic cancer and other lethal diseases.

Purchase Green Products from Authentic Sources Only!

If you want to keep your family safe from increasingly toxic environment, choose green household and carpet cleaning products from a reliable source. Even the green cleaning products may also contain certain toxins; therefore, choose a source that is registered and authentic like ekoserve. Buy 100% toxin-free carpet cleaning products by simply adding them to your cart at https://ekoserve.com/products/. The process is really effective with flexible return policies.

ekoserve aims to provide its customers with eco-friendly cleaning services. For customer satisfaction, the experts at ekoserve have shared some of their secret recipes for quick cleaning fixes.

Synthetic Carpet Cleaning Solutions

All types of stains on synthetic carpets can be quickly cleaned with ekoserve Natural Spot Remover. Spray the solution directly on the stain and dab it with a clean towel cloth. Now use a paper towel to absorb the stain. For old or stubborn stains, rinse the carpet twice after dabbing and blotting with towel cloth.

Green ekoserve Carpet Cleaning Products

If you don’t want to invest much effort and keep your family safe at the same time, buy the green carpet cleaning products of ekoserve including Natural Spot Remover, Natural Odor Neutralizer, Natural Hard Surface Cleaner, and Natural Glass Cleaner.

Take responsibility today and don’t let your family pay for your wrong chemical choices!

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