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Carpet Cleaning Rockwall

Reasons to Choose Our Professional Carpet Cleaning

Since 2009, ekoserve has been offering the best quality carpet cleaning in Rockwall, TX. Don’t just take our word for it – our countless customer reviews can back our claims. Maybe it’s because we only use environmentally friendly products or the fact we use techniques that separate us from the rest of the competition. Either way, we want to be your number 1 choice for carpet cleaning in Rockwall, Texas.

Pet Odor Specialist – Pet Odor Removal

We have created a special line of cleaning solutions for your pet accidents. Our odor neutralizing system attacks the bacteria and odor causing agents to neutralize and eliminate the cause of the smell.

1 Hour Dry Time – 95% Less Moisture

1 Hour Dry Time carpet cleaning in Rockwall, Texas. Our carpet cleaning process uses 95% less moisture than traditional cleaning methods, allowing for a much quicker dry time. Our method takes only an hour to dry while traditional methods can take days.

No Bait & Switch – No Pricing Games

Many carpet cleaning companies in Rockwall, TX advertise very low prices just to get you to book an appointment. When the technician arrives, they say the price you received is not valid. We offer honest pricing focused on quality carpet cleaning.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

When you choose us for your Carpet Cleaning in Rockwall, TX you can be sure you will get the best service satisfaction guaranteed. Click the link below to get a free & honest quote for carpet cleaning in Rockwall, TX.

Honest Locally Owned & Operated

We have been providing quality Carpet Cleaning Service in Rockwall for years. Locally owned and operated, we are your trusted partner for carpet cleaning in Rockwall, TX.

Same Day Service – Carpet Cleaning in Rockwall, TX

Call now for carpet cleaning service in Rockwall, Texas. The sooner you call us to book your Carpet Cleaning, the sooner we can get to you.

Cleaning Services in Rockwall, Texas

Our Powerful 4 Step Cleaning Process

Here at ekoserve, we use a 4-step cleaning process that ensures your carpets will be left as clean as they were the days you had them installed. The first step is the treatment of the carpet, where we look for the problem areas and start with the cleaning process. This is followed by the agitation of the fibers, which helps lift some of the dirt sitting on top of the carpet. This is followed by the extraction of the remaining debris, and then we finish it all off with a purification step that leaves your carpet looking as good as new.


In this step we use our powerful solutions which bind with and break down dirt particles. Our green cleaning solutions attack dirt, and then our oxygenating solutions break down the dirt particles.


Our machinery has a built in high pressure extractor that removes all of the particles pulled up from your carpet. This extraction process is critical in our 1 HOUR DRY TIME and this short dry time prevents stains from returning.


Our powerful cleaning machines have 2 counter rotating brushes that work out dirt, debris and hair from the bottom of the carpet. This bottom up agitation is extremely effective in working out the toughest stains and deeply cleaning all the fibers thoroughly.


The final step in our cleaning process is the HEPA purification. Our carpet cleaning machines are EPA registered machines reducing Dust Mites by 78%, Dust Mite Allergens by 75%, Cat Allergens by 85%, Pet Dander by 78% and Mold Spores by 85%. Many of our customers say they can breathe easier after we clean their carpets.



Do You Have Questions About Carpet Cleaning?

It doesn’t matter how much effort you put into keeping your home clean, it will never look as good as it should if you don’t pay attention to the carpets. One of the issues here is that your carpets may look pretty clean on the surface, but there is actually all sorts of dust, debris, and bacteria hiding deep in the fibers, all of which can have an effect on the air quality in your home. The average home vacuum cleaner can’t get to all of this nasty stuff, which is why carpet cleaning in Rockwall, Texas should be part of your home maintenance.

There are a lot of companies out there who offer carpet cleaning in Rockwall, but perhaps none who can deliver what ekoserve does. The average carpet cleaning company may leave your carpet looking nice, but the methods they use to make it look that way are not necessarily the best. After all, do you really want your home to smell like harsh cleaning chemicals for weeks after the cleaning has been completed? Plus, do you want your carpet to be wet for days after it has been drenched in water?

Why is Our Cleaning Solution Better than Chemical Cleaning?

We use green and non-toxic cleaning solutions when treating your carpet, and we guarantee that they are safe for the environment, and will not leave your home smelling like some sort of chemical spill has just taken place. Better yet, your carpets will be clean and dry in about an hour, as we use roughly 95% less water than most of the other carpet cleaning companies in the business.

Our carpet cleaners have designed a cleaning solution that is powerful and eco-friendly. Compared to the chemical solutions that can affect your respiratory system, our natural cleaning solution is safe for you and your pets. It has undergone thorough analysis and has been clinically proven as safe for your kids. It is also designed to stay away from the common problems that are presented by the traditional carpet cleaning.

Why We Guarantee You Will Be Satisfied

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the job that we do and all that begins by going out of our way to deliver services on the same day that you call for help. We will deliver an upfront quote for the job and you can be sure that the price quoted before we begin is the price you will be asked to pay when we are done. We don’t believe in loading up your bill with hidden costs. Even if your carpets don’t look too bad, you can bet that there is dirt, debris, and possibly pet hair all buried deep within the fibers. At ekoserve, we make it our job to get rid of it all as quickly and affordably as possible.

Other Services

We also provide Upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and much more. No job is too big or small for us. Whether you have a large business or a small apartment, you can trust that ekoserve is the best choice for carpet cleaning in Rockwall. To schedule an appointment, call or click below.

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Cleaning Services in Rockwall, Texas
Customer Reviews

Carpet Cleaning

February 2, 2013 by Sara

Area: Rockwall, TX

I have used ēkoserve for all my carpet cleaning needs. It is very easy to schedule an appointment, their prices are great but most importantly their results are better than any other company I have ever used. Thank you for all you great work.

No Job Too BIG or Small

Tile & Grout Cleaning Rockwall, Texas

Tile & Grout Cleaning Rockwall, Texas

Job Details:

Out on a tile and grout cleaning in Rockwall, Texas today. A local business owner needed a good cleaning for the employee break room. We were able to have everything cleaned and ready before the employees returned to work the next day.

Upholstery Cleaning Rockwall, Texas

Upholstery Cleaning Rockwall, Texas

Job Details:

Do you have chairs or sofas that could use a good cleaning? ekoserve is the one to call for all of your upholstery cleaning in Rockwall, Texas. We get the job done the right way leaving you with the cleanest upholstery at the best price!

Stretching & Repair Rockwall, Texas

Stretching & Repair Rockwall, Texas

Job Details:

After receiving a call from a client for carpet stretching & repair in Rockwall, Texas we showed up and saw that the carpet wasn’t quite reaching the walls. We were able to stretch it and even it all out! You can call or make an online appointment today!

Carpet Cleaning Job

Carpet Cleaning Job

Job Details:

With all the rain we have had this year it may be tough to keep the carpets clean. Here is a carpet cleaning job I did in Rockwall, TX the 75032 zip code. In the before and after picture the kids had tracked in some dirt. Anything that is organic like dirt, clay or grass stains is usually easy to remove with our powerful system. If you have dirt stains call us for carpet cleaning in Rockwall, TX.