Simple Things to Do before Your Carpet Cleaner Arrives
25 December 2017 | (No Comments)

While the major reason you hired professional carpet cleaners is to let them do the dirty work, it still pays to do some preparations to make their service much faster and more efficient. Pro-actively doing these easy steps will help your carpet cleaner maximize their expertise.

Clear the area that needs to be cleaned

The first thing to do is to clear the area that needs to be cleaned. Remove things like tables, chairs, lamps, plants, and toys that are on carpeted areas. Don’t forget to keep porcelain décor, fine china, and other collectibles that are fragile away from the cleaning area. This allows your carpet cleaner to move in the space freely and clean the area more effectively.

It will also be better to lift up and secure drapes or bedspreads with a clothespin so they won’t get in the way of the carpet cleaner.

Before going to your house, your carpet cleaner will inform you of the types of furniture they can move. This will also help you know if they charge an extra fee for moving heavy items like beds or couches.

Do a quick inspection

Once you’re done clearing out your carpeted areas, you should do a quick inspection of your carpet. Your carpet cleaner will inspect your carpet prior to cleaning but it helps to do your own inspection ahead of time.

Walk around your carpet and look closely while paying attention to areas that were hidden by furniture. Take note of the locations of spots and stains and if possible, try to remember what caused them.

Upon your carpet cleaner’s arrival, give them a tour and point out the problem areas and tell them what caused the spots or stains. You should also inform them which areas of your home get the most traffic. Doing this increases the efficiency of your carpet cleaner as you’re letting them know where the most challenging areas will be.

Don’t forget your pets

Letting the carpet cleaner know that you have pets can let them prepare for proper cleaning solutions to treat pet-related soils. Once your carpet cleaner arrives, it will be best to keep your pets off of carpeted areas until they are fully dry.

Free up a spot in your driveway

It would be helpful for your carpet cleaner, who uses truck-mounted equipment, to park their vehicle as close as possible to an entry door to your house. Allowing your carpet cleaner to park in your driveway keeps their hoses on your property instead of having them on the sidewalk or your neighbor’s yard. This also helps your carpet cleaner keep their equipment safe.

Plan ahead

Once the carpet cleaning is done, your carpets may still be a bit moist. The technician will tell you how much longer you should wait for your carpet to fully dry and will give you advice on what you can do to speed up the drying time. For this reason, you should plan ahead.  For instance, you may choose to take your family out while you wait for your carpet to dry.

Doing these five simple things will definitely help your carpet cleaner deliver the best service they can. A simple preparation for your carpet cleaning will let you get the fastest carpet cleaning services so you can have your carpet look and feel like new in no time.

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