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Top 5 Carpet Cleaning Methods That Professional Cleaners Use
2 August 2017 | (No Comments)

Carpet Cleaning

While most of us have numerous options when selecting professional carpet cleaning companies, it’s vital to have a good idea of the various kinds of carpet cleaning methods that professional cleaners use. Different methods can vary in their effectiveness depending on the type of carpet you have.

The extent of carpet soiling, cost, environmental conditions, and type of fiber, usually has an impact on the selection of a carpet-cleaning method. Here are the top 5 carpet cleaning methods that are prevalent in the industry.

1. Hot Water Extraction

This method is often called steam carpet cleaning and uses hot water under high pressure for agitating the fibers of the carpet, which loosens and dissolves dirt particles in the carpet. This method of carpet cleaning usually entails application of cleaning agents on soiled or stained surfaces, and carpet agitation using a brush followed by thorough rinsing.

Once cleaning agents settle on the surface of the carpet for a brief period, professionals use cleaning equipment to wash and scrub the carpet. As a result, they get rid of the cleaning agents and leave the carpet to dry.

2. Carpet Shampooing

Carpet shampooing is one of the conventional carpet cleaning methods used by many professional cleaners. During the cleaning process, the carpet professionals apply a chemical agent evenly on the carpet. Subsequently, they scrub it vigorously with a mechanical circular brush.

This cleaning method is most suitable on filthy carpets. As the process does not involve extraction, the professionals vacuum the carpet thoroughly to get rid of residue and soil.

3. Carpet Dry Cleaning

This dry cleaning method includes virtually no water. An expert sprinkles a small quantity of a specific absorbent compound on the carpet’s surface and uses a motorized brush that works through the carpet, and dissolves soil and dirt. The residue of soil and dirt particles is then drawn up using a powerful vacuum cleaner.

This method dries carpets more quickly compared to several other cleaning methods. Natural-fiber carpets, like hemp and sisal, are more susceptible to damage and benefit immensely from this cleaning process.

4. Bonnet Cleaning

This carpet cleaning method uses a specialized cleaning agent which professionals usually mix with carbonated water. This chemical solution spreads like a mist over the carpet’s surface. Then a circular rotating bonnet or buffer, laced in an absorbent, is thoroughly run over the stained or soiled area.

When we clean (about one-third of the carpet), soil and dirt, which settle at the bottom, remains behind. This carpet cleaning method is a temporary measure that is effective between more intensive cleaning routines.

5. Encapsulation

The professional carpet cleaners use synthetic detergents to form a base in this method that crystallizes into powder on drying.

When dirt particles in the carpet fiber loosen up, they encapsulate into powder, which is after the cleaning foam dries up and they vacuum it. The encapsulation technique uses only a small quantity of water during the cleaning process. As a result, you get a shorter drying time than other methods.

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