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Can Carpets Be Over-Cleansed?
18 July 2017 | (No Comments)

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Irrespective of the carpet cleaning method you use, the more-is-better approach still prevails in the cleaning industry. This can be harmful to the longevity as well as the appearance of your carpet. Excessive use of cleaning agents or chemicals can worsen re-soiling, while over saturation causes the carpet to develop nasty odors and sometimes mold issues.

You have to not only follow the equipment manufacturer’s instructions pertaining to chemical usage, but experts also recommend rinsing chemicals from your carpet in a thorough manner after hot water extraction. You should also use low moisture alternatives, especially during the application of cleaning agents to your carpet through the machine’s tank. This is equally applicable for interim cleaning procedures or methods like encapsulation.

Just as there is a requirement to thoroughly remove chemicals from the carpet, it is equally important to recover all the water from your carpet to prevent the risk of over-wetting. Over-wetting usually happens when dealing with tough and stubborn stains that refuse to go away. It is highly recommended to get the carpet dry within 4 to 6 hours.

The use of carpet blowers and air movement can assist in speeding up the drying process but the cleaner has to ensure the cleaning equipment is functioning well. For example, a clogged vacuum may fail to recover water properly which will prolong the drying times. You should also flush the jets on an ongoing basis to prevent them from clogging.

Learning from our mistakes is a healthy process, but in terms of carpet care, there is little or no room for errors. Using lousy processes or products can lead to permanent damage, which has a detrimental impact on the carpet’s lifespan and appearance. And probably the biggest mistake, according to experts, is the utter failure to implement a maintenance program for your carpet in the first place.

When you consider carpet cleaning, the process doesn’t begin with the cleaning part itself. It usually begins with the installation and specification of the carpet. It is important to realize that various fibers and construction methods can have an impact on how you clean and maintain your carpet.

Treating a spot with an inappropriate cleaning agent can magnify an inch-sized spot into a half-foot diameter stain. If you are familiar with the type of stain, you will know whether it is better to use an alkaline-based chemical or an acid-based chemical. Whenever you are in doubt, test any cleaning agents prior to their application on the soiled area.

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