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Why Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company?
20 August 2016 | (No Comments)

Caring for your carpets is important to keep them lasting a long time. Carpet cleaning should be conducted at least twice per year to keep your home clean. Dirty carpets are not just a nuisance, but they can actually be dangerous for the people living in your home. Mold, mildew, and other harmful debris can build up quickly. These particles can end up in your home’s air vents and in your lungs. When it comes time to schedule your carpet cleaning, you do not want to schedule with just anyone. It is important to schedule with a company, like ekoserve, that cares for the environment.

Traditional cleaning creates too much wastewater

Traditional carpet extractors use an excessive amount of water. It is common for portable extractors to use between one and two gallons of water per minute. This means that these extractors can use close to 100 gallons of water in a typical carpet cleaning session. Since most carpet cleaners visit more than one home in a day, they could use more than 500 gallons of water on a typical day. That water is rarely ever reused.

When traditional carpet cleaning methods are used, technicians use the dirty water generated by the extractors so customers can see the debris floating in it. Imagine 500 gallons of that contaminated water being poured into sewers on a daily basis. Now, imagine that for all of the cleaning companies all over the world that use these traditional extractors. To put his amount of water in perspective, a typical 24” round above ground pool holds slightly less than 15,000 gallons of water.

Know what is in the wastewater!

This filthy water includes chemicals used while cleaning the carpets as well as VOCs, alkaline chemicals, human and animal waste, allergens, disinfectants, bleaches, solvents, and many other toxins. Depending on how the carpet cleaning companies dispose of this water, it can end up in the groundwater and can harm wildlife and people living in the area.

In 1972, the US created the Clean Water Act, which created regulations for disposing wastewater. Most carpet cleaners and other industries that deal with wastewater follow the regulations, but there are always companies that try to reduce costs by doing whatever they can get away with.

Protecting the environment with green carpet cleaning

At ekoserve, we appreciate the environment and we do everything we can to use as little water as possible. We can reduce wastewater. The newest carpet cleaning technology uses minimal water and is family-friendly and green cleansers. They are free of harmful chemicals. We understand the idea of leaving no trace and we are dedicated to making carpet cleaning as eco-friendly as possible.

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