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To Avoid Replacing Your Carpet, Clean, Clean, Clean!
16 August 2016 | (No Comments)

For a lot of Dallas homeowners, keeping carpets from wearing out may seem like a mystery. Fortunately, one of the most noticeable ways to do that is completely in your control. Keeping a carpet clean by vacuuming and using professional carpet cleaning services is the best way to contribute to the longevity of your floors.

For the regular homeowner, the easiest way to do this is vacuuming. Most everyone owns a vacuum cleaner; using it regularly can help remove the dirt and particles which can wear away at the fibers of your carpet. The best part of this is that you don’t even need the highest-end vacuum available. The size and price of a vacuum is not nearly as important as how often you vacuum and how complete and thorough of a job you do.


It is best to vacuum regularly and often. For most carpets, this means roughly twice a week. However, sometimes carpets in high-use will require more frequent cleanings, especially after events with many people. It is also important that you do a complete job, and not just vacuum the parts of the carpet which appear to be in use. Even unused parts of the carpet can collect dust and residual dirt from traffic in the room.


furnitureFor this reason, it’s also important to regularly move furniture. Not only does this help you clean the carpets more evenly and without untouched ‘dead zones’, it also prevents unsightly and damaging indentations from forming where the legs of tables, couches, and chairs rest for long periods of time.


Even with a regular vacuuming and an even attention to all portions of the carpet, every once and a while it is necessary to use a professional carpet cleaning service. There are many carpet cleaning services in the Dallas area that you can use to help you get a deeper clean to the roots of your carpet. Professional services also know specifically which types of cleaners help maintain the strength and colors of each type of carpet fiber. Using a professional service regularly means they will clean your carpet in ways that you may not know how. For some people this may mean only a few times a year. Others may prefer to have it done more often than that such as monthly or bi-weekly.

The most important thing to remember is that maintaining your carpet is in your control! Keeping up with these tips will have a noticeable difference in the way your carpet looks and smells and, most importantly, will make sure that it lasts as long as possible, saving you money.

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