Dangers of Your Carpet Cleaner (And how to fix them)
25 July 2016 | (No Comments)

Spot cleaners for carpets are a must have for any household. However, did you know that if you are using the wrong cleaner, you could be putting your home at risk of major health and environmental damages? Strong chemical products can hurt you, your children, and your pets. From fumes to runoff, here’s a list of the top dangers of using the wrong chemical cleaner, before, during, and after use.

In storage

On the shelf, these products pose a risk of spilling or massive chemical dangers to children who might have access to them. This could happen if they ingest the chemicals or even if they breathe in the noxious odors. Even if they don’t, the product could still spill and cause rash or skin damage.

In use

When you open and use the product, the threat of these gasses gets even more dangerous, especially with young children or pets. When you open and use the product, the gasses are released and then the chemicals are puddled on the carpet where you use them.

After use

After you use the product, there’s still risk involved with the disposing of the chemicals. If the solution gets into your garden, or if it leaks from the trash, it could pose huge dangers to you or your neighbors’ pets, your plants, and the environment.

When chemicals get into the soil, they can run quickly, especially where there is water, and cause dangers for not just your pets, but any neighbor pets nearby.

cleanerHow to fix it: use natural cleaners and professional cleaning services

The only ways to stop these dangers are to use a Green Seal certified natural cleaner or to find a professional carpet cleaning service in your area. For the average DALLAS family, this means finding a full-service business that won’t cause toxic fumes to build in your living room.

An eco-friendly and natural cleaner will be safer for the air, and for your carpets. It will also make sure harm won’t be done to your garden and natural environment when it is disposed. Most importantly, it means that your kids and animals will be protected.

For thesharp Dallas household, a professional cleaning service is the safest route. It ensures the exact product necessary will be used for each given stain and for each given carpet/upholstery. You can’t go wrong!

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