Tips to Keep Your Carpets Looking Brand New
18 February 2016 | (No Comments)

The guests will be here in an hour, and you’ve just realized that your carpets look like they’ve been dragged through mud.

Unclean and dull carpets can make your whole room look untidy, and that is not something you afford to have. And whether you’ve having guests over or not, having clean carpets in your home is important.

But how can you maintain the conditions of your carpets so they look brand new all the time? Don’t fret; Ekoserve is here to help.

· Wipe Your Feet

There is a reason your mother always told you to wipe your feet before entering a room. Using both indoor and outdoor mats at home’s entry way can help in keeping a lot of dirt and grime away from your house carpets.

· Vacuum the Traffic Spots

This means those areas in your home that receive a lot of foot traffic. Shoes and even bare feet carry their share of dirt particles in your home. Vacuuming your carpets two to three times a week can keep the dirt from settling in your carpets and can also keep the air clean and odor-free.

· Dive under Your Rug

Don’t forget. The floor underneath your carpets can accumulate a lot of loose debris over the years. This dirt and debris is collected after it filters through the rugs and onto your carpet. When cleaning, pick up your carpets and vacuum the floor underneath as well. You’d be surprised at the amount of dust your vacuum will pick up.

· Avoid Carpet Powders

Carpet powders are seen as quick and easy solutions to eliminating any odors from your carpets. However, overuse of said powders can leaves traces and residue on the carpet which doesn’t show until you get your carpet cleaned or shampooed. Carpet powder can cause a white sticky film on top after it comes in contact with water. So if you want to use carpet powder, use it sparingly, or not at all.


· Ask a Professional

Professional carpet cleaners know how to make your carpets look good as new. Cleaning professionals know how to use the right products on the right spots, and can easily spot dirt, any crushing or dullness.

Regular carpet cleaning can keep your carpet from fraying as well, and with such attention to cleaning, you can only increase the longevity of our carpet.

Carpet care professionals here at Ekoserve are trained to battle any cleaning emergencies quickly and efficiently. If you want to keep your carpets neat and tidy, call our services for carpet cleaning in Highland Park to Addison, Texas and reward your carpets with some much-needed TLC.

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