Importance of Regular Carpet Cleaning and Expert Techniques for Spot-less Carpets
20 May 2015 | (No Comments)

Regular carpet cleaning is substantial if you want to keep your home clean and healthy. The carpet cleaning experts believe that for extraordinary carpet cleaning services that ensure complete dirt and dust treatment, mold removal and spot removal, a reputed and professional cleaning company should be hired at least once or twice a year.

Don’t Miss The Benefits of Regular Carpet Maintenance

Proper and regular carpet cleaning offers a number of benefits to the homeowners, which most of the people are still unaware of. Here are the benefits you would never want to miss by neglecting the health of your carpet.

Prolonged Carpet Life – Save More!

With proper and regular carpet care, you can almost double the life of your expensive carpet. Most often, the hot water extraction method is used for removing the dirt embedded deep into the threads; however, ekoserve promises to bring healthier solutions to its customers by choosing green carpet cleaning techniques.

With our green carpet cleaning solutions, we aim to prolong not only the life of your carpet but we also strive to improve your home’s indoor air.

Exclusively Filter the Indoor Air Quality – The Healthier Interior!

Do you know that if a carpet is not cleaned for at least two years, it can become a source of:

  • 80% Formaldehydes
  • 99% airborne environmental bacteria
  • 99% total volatile compounds
  • 77% Contact biological environmental bacteria
  • 87% dust mite allergens
  • 100% Contact biological fungi
  • 90% Total airborne mold spores
  • 85% airborne bacteria Thermophiles?

All these dangerous elements directly affect your health including the respiratory system, the digestive system, and the nervous system. ekoserve green carpet cleaning techniques filter the indoor air and save your family from countless diseases.

Stain and Spot Removal – Cleaner Finish!

The carpets and rugs become more prone to environmental dirt and bacteria if they carry stains and spots. Carpet cleaning is an intelligent solution to keep your home dirt- and bacteria-free for months.

Home Interior Improvement – The Beauty Under Feet!

A well-maintained and cleaner carpet not only improves the indoor environment but also adds tons of beauty to your home. Don’t you want your guests to praise you after feeling the soft carpet under their feet?

Carpet Warranty – The Safer Way to Save More!

Like many other homeowners, you would have also saved for months for buying that expensive piece of wool or silk threads. Most of the carpets now come with warranties, which is a good deal specifically for people on budget. Save the warranty by regularly maintaining that beauty!

Expert Tips for Homeowners

Here are some tips for homeowners given by our ekoserve experts to maintain cleaner carpets for longer.

  • Most of the dust, dirt and mud comes from the outside. Lace a front doormat and become stress-free of the unwanted dirt.
  • Most of the commercial cleaners contain chemicals which are hazardous for the health of your family and the carpet of course. Try the inexpensive nature-friendly and healthier products by ekoserve including Natural Hard Surface Cleaner, Natural Odor Neutralizer, Natural Glass Cleaner, and Natural Spot Remover.
  • A trick that applies to remove all types of stains is to act on them fast. Save some major bucks by cleaning the spills immediately and treating the stains before letting another second pass.

If you want to hire an honest professional carpet cleaning company to obtain a healthier and cleaner home, look no further than ekserve Cleaning Services and Products – a safe option for your family.

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